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1. Aim higher than you intuitively think you can go. That’s important because the mind is stronger than the body. If you think you can do something, you can push your body to certain limits beyond what you are capable of doing physically. Your mind can mentally override what the body can do. It’s the same thing with training and with racing.

2. Be able to concentrate. You have to be able to isolate your thoughts and focus on your race. Focus on the moment. Do not worry about the future beyond the absolute immediate future. Concentrate on the here and now. If you make a mistake, worry about it later. You have to be able to concentrate because so many things will go wrong. You will never have a perfect race. You just focus on doing your best in that moment.

3. Effectively prioritize. You have to be able to do this with your life, and your lifestyle. You have to know what you have to do and when to do it, and what is required to do it. You have to be a good planner. Prioritizing the way you eat, the times of day you eat, the diet you have and making sure you have enough time to rest is a big part of how your workout is going to go. Everything you do is centered around pursuing your goal. Ask yourself when you take your next bite of food, “Is this going to help me accomplish my goal?” You have to know your priorities, and then actually do what you need to do.

4. Surround yourself with the right people and the right atmosphere. You have to choose the right kind of friends and have a good set of influences around you. Your friends are going to have a big influence on your life, who you are and what you do. In fact, who your friends are says a lot about who you are as person. Tell me who your friends are, and if I know them, I can l tell you who you are as a person.

5. Take on the biggest challenge. I could swim for Bulgaria. But the pressure is exciting to me. When the stakes are higher, your performance is better. The road to glory, the road to a record, the road to success – and it could be a best time or making a team – is about achieving a goal. Whenever I win a race or a medal, I very rarely remember the race itself or the feeling afterward. It all comes back to the road it took to get there – the journey, and demanding the most from myself. The gold medal is Christmas. The podium finish is really neat. But what got you there is what you remember. And what got you there is what will take you onto greatness in the rest of your life, too 


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City of Milan Trophy: Alessia Filippi Doubles; Filippi, Federica Pellegrini Clock Top Five Times

THE City of Milan Trophy meet that began today, a pair of strong in-season times went up on the board in long course meter competition.
Alessia Filippi posted a 2:10.49 to win the women's 200 back. That effort pushed her to fourth in the early world rankings. Roberta Ioppi touched second in 2:12.79, while Eileen Diener clinched third in 2:15.19. Filippi doubled up with an 8:33.55 to win the women's 800 free. Martina Rita Caramignoli (8:41.85) and Martina De Memme (8:42.12) rounded out the top three.
Federica Pellegrini topped the women's 200 free in 1:58.05, while Alice Mizzau placed second in 1:58.94. Pellegrini jumped to fifth in the early world rankings, while Mizzau earned 12th. Alice Nesti wound up third overall in 1:59.71. 
Tanja Smid stopped the clock in 2:30.43 to win the women's 200 breast. Giulia De Ascentis touched second in 2:32.36, while Elisa Celli finished third in 2:32.51. Flavio Bizzarri earned the men's 200 breast title in 2:14.76. Luca Pizzini (2:15.05) and Edoardo Giorgetti (2:16.44) finished second and third.
Gianluca Maglia won the men's 200 free in 1:49.82, while Alex Di Giorgio placed second in 1:51.01. Filippo Magnini earned third in 1:51.19. Matteo Milli hit the wall in 2:01.43 to win the men's 200 back. Sebastiano Ranfagni placed second in 2:02.65, while Fabio Laugeni picked up third in 2:02.71.
Alessia Polieri claimed the women's 200 fly in 2:10.98, while Jessica Andreini (2:14.36) and Emanuela Albenzi (2:14.90) completed the top three. Francesco Pavone earned the men's 200 fly crown in 2:00.55. Stefano Iacobone (2:01.98) and Marco Fognini (2:02.33) rounded out the podium.
Only five men swam the 1500 free with Federico Vanelli winning in 15:51.03.(swimmingworld)

Rabu, 20 Februari 2013

Swedish Grand Prix, Uppsala: Sarah Sjostrom Keeps Rolling; Posts Top-Ranked 100 Fly

ON a career streak of consistently strong swims, Sweden's Sarah Sjostrom continued on that path with a pair of sterling in-season swims during day one of the Swedish Grand Prix in Uppsala. The meet is taking place in long course meter format.
A day after Camille Muffat tossed a 1:56.57 into the women's 200 free world rankings for second behind Allison Schmitt's top-ranked 1:55.83 from the Austin Grand Prix,Swimming World Magazine February cover personality Sjostrom matched Muffat with a 1:56.57 of her own. That swim just missed Sjostrom's Swedish record of 1:56.41 set last summer. Michelle Coleman took second in 2:00.21, while Nathalie Lindborg earned third in 2:02.26.
Sjostrom then doubled with a top-ranked time of 57.91 in the women's 100 fly. That swim eclipsed Ellen Gandy's 57.96 for the top time in the early world rankings. Martina Granstrom finished second in 58.70, while Amit Ivri earned third in 58.81 – both among the top 10 in the rankings. Granstrom returned in the women's 200 IM with a 2:15.17 for the victory. Sara Thyden (2:19.12) and Celine Bertrand (2:24.33) took second and third. 
Jennie Johansson scorched the women's 200 breast with a 1:07.86. That effort pushed her to third in the early world rankings behind Rebecca Soni (1:06.88) and Ruta Meilutyte (1:07.72). Joline Hostman, who owns the Swedish record with a 1:07.21 from 2009, placed second in 1:09.30. Elin Martensson picked up third in 1:11.81.
Jonatan Kopelev (54.54) moved into the top 10 in the men's 100 back with his win, while Israeli teammate Yahov Toumarkin jumped into the top 15 with a second-placed 54.91. Mattias Carlsson placed third in 57.08.
Lars Frolander, still trucking at 37 years old, won the men's 50 fly in 24.20 to move into the early top 10. Alon Mandel finished second in 24.40, while Sebastian Holmberg picked up third in 25.27. Stefan Nystrand claimed the men's 100 free in 51.02, while Robin Andreasson finished second in 51.68. Johan Bengtsson earned third in 52.40.
Jakob Dorch won the men's 50 breast in 29.18, while Imri Ganiel took second in 29.23. Yahav Shahaff rounded out the top three in 29.59. Gal Nevo topped the men's 400 IM in 4:28.38. Linus Kanth (4:37.74) and Anton Bjorck-Teuscher (4:48.96) finished second and third.
Linnea Olsson claimed the women's 50 back in 29.92. Ida Lindborg (30.05) and Jessica Allberg (30.48) completed the podium. Simon Sjodin snared the men's 200 fly in 2:00.42. Viktor Bjork took a distant second in 2:07.39, while Adam Ackerstierna touched third in 2:09.23.
Damien Cattin-Vidal cruised in the men's 400 free with a 4:01.18. Anton Lundin (4:10.68) and Tim Arnesen (4:15.12) finished second and third. Nathalie Lindborg clinched the women's 50 free in 25.97. Clarie Vilshed and Henriette Brekke tied for second with matching 26.00s.
Imri Ganiel touched out teammate Gal Nevo, 2:18.63 to 2:18.75, for the men's 200 breast. Andreas Furst took third in 2:22.05. Josefine Hippi claimed the women's 800 free in 9:17.45. Erica Sjoholm (9:20.61) and Amina Gummesson (9:31.32) took second and third.
Ida Lindborg closed the first night of finals with a 2:19.90 to win the women's 200 back. Linnea Olsson finished second in 2:20.01, while Linda Eriksson took third in 2:21.75 (swimmingworld)
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